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Shortly some news from Bassano where the trofeo Montegrappa too place on this long weekend.
We were 6 swiss (Alfedo, Hansjörg, Nanda, Phil, Youri and me) taking part, and had amazing flying conditions. With a good tasksetting and a perfect organisation, we could really enjoy our stay down there.
4 tasks have been flown, of respectively 89km, 106km, 157km (!!!) and 91km.
I think the highlight was definitely for all the pilots this 157km task sending us to Feltre and offering us a sightseeing tour around the Dolomiti Bellunese. This task made a big mess in the scoring because there has been airspaces infringements, and it looked like the organisators didn't expect facing such a problem
With such conditions, all the tasks were not really tactical, but the hardest was to keep staying with the leaders, once you lopse them, it was not possible to catch again because they were too efficient. Unfortunately, I never managed to keep the head, making too many small mistakes and "gliding like a stone" as Meryl nicely told me !
Today, the meet director decided to cancel the task before going up as the forecast predicted strong winds and a Front coming in. Too bad the forecast wasn't right, we could fly easily a task, as i could climb with my 14 sqr meters on a hike and fly.
They said prize giving at 2, it started with a "colomba distribution" but calling pilots one by one out of a hat. That was way too much show, but had to stay as Namda was 3rd and I was 2nd. Like on all tasks this week, yeap, call me Poulidor ;-)
Youri won amongst the serial class. Good job !
The level of the completion was really high, like a Superfinal more less. Could be pnly higher with some more swiss guys !
Not so happy with my 59 rank overall, but it was a good training for the PWC in France.


1. Honorin Hamard
2. Ferdinand Vogel
3. Jurij Vidic

59. Yael Margelisch
78. Youri Pitteloud
80. Alfredo Studer
84. Phil Glutz
98. Nanda Walliser
123. Hansjörg Walliser

1. Meryl Delferriere
2. Yael Margelisch
3. Nanda Walliser

1. Youri Pitteloud
2. Gianfranco Crestani
3. Mirco Cristoforetti

22 April 2019, Yael Margelisch


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