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Opening ceremony & day 1 / task 1

Italian Open 2019 and HG Pre-Europeans - Monte Cucco International Trophy 2019 - Opening ceremony & day 1 / task 1

Saturday saw the opening ceremony of the pre-european hang gliding championships held in Sigillo, with a lot of nice traditional costumes, flags, and local officials who make big speeches only in Italian 😅

Sunday saw the first task being flown. For class 1, a 120 km task between north of Castellucio and Gubbio was flown, with only the recent world champion Alex Ploner making the goal.

For class 1 sport, a 55 km task was flown, between Salmata and Scheggia. My start was pretty catastrophic (being at 900 m below the take-off when the start gate opens is indeed catastrophic). However, i managed to fly quite efficiently and was able to catch up my 15 min lateness when coming back at the take-off area, thanks also to others mistakes. In the end, i'm first in goal, more or less 5 minutes before the second.

13 October 2019, Jean-Daniel Kugler

(13 October 2019) Day 2 / task 2»


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