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Swiss League Cup canceled

Saturday it will not be taskable in all areas of Switzerland (Rain, Wind, Tessin: Strong North in the afternoon). Sunday we have therefor only the possibility to go to "Center of Switzerland":
- Jura: Too much wind
- BEO, Interlaken: Clouds and wind

It is possible, that the weather clears up a little bit faster as forecasted at the moment. But there is still a strong windflow from North-West. Flying in covered places (Verbier?, Vercorin?) could be possible. Tessin: At the moment the prognosis for Northwind is pretty bad (1500m 10kn or more). But there is a certain chance, that this situation is better as on the prognosis now. You have to check later by yourself.

16 March 2017, Martin Scheel


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Swiss League Cup canceled

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