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Training day

Today was the official start of the competition day. The organizer set a 30km training task. However, most pilots were free flying and checked their equipment. Also the conditions were quite weak in the beginning and improved only later. However, as the registration started at 15:00, most pilots could not take advantage of the more sunny conditions later the day. In the evening was the mandatory safety briefing, as well as a free dinner! The weather forecast looks quite good. Keep your fingers crossed :)

May be you still remember the tragic mining accident that happened at the Rio Doce that crosses Valadares:

There should be a live tracking on the PWCA-Website.

Valadares and the official landing in the city.
Looking back to the take off
18 January 2017, Michael Sigel

«Arrival in Valadares (14 January 2017)
(19 January 2017) Task 1 - Tim wins!»


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Training day

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