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Yesterday we had an optimistic 81km task. From the takeoff, it wasn't looking really promising, low cloud base, lots of humidity... But it got dryer and Rolda Magic was on.
There was 2 options for the start, mountain side or flatlands. I took off really early and I went for a scenic flight in the mountains... I was hesitating a lot to go in the flats, and all the time spent on hesitating made me loose the choice in the end. I stayed in the mountains, we were not a lot of pilots but the climbs were good and I thought it was not so bad. The group was so far away that I could not even see them anymore! 10 minutes before the start, the good thermals were weaker and weaker and in the end, I was really low when I took the cylinder... I set my mind in a cross country mode, telling myself that no matter how long, I have to get in goal. km after km, I caught some slow groups that were really helpful. But I also met the leading group, who was 7km ahead of me... After the 4th turn point, we saw that everything was dark, there was no sun anymore... So we took time to get to the cloud base and did a long glide, which I thought it was a glide contest. But then, a shy sun ray came out and we could climb slowly to get to goal. At this point, I was sure that some leader had done it already, but the goal field was empty.
I'm not really proud about the way it happened, but points are good to be taken !
Today is a rest day.

Many spectators!<br />©Dominik
Over Zarzal<br />©Dominik
Final glide to goal
15 January 2018, Yael Margelisch

«Day 4 - cancelled (13 January 2018)
(15 January 2018) Monday - Rest Day»


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