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Today we went earlier at the take off, because the wind was supposed to be a bit strong and they didn't want to screw up the day like they did yesterday. So when we arrive at the take off, it was definitely windy. It slowed down within an hour and half, and in the end they set a task and the take off window opened. It was quite a long wait in rhe air, vut even with wind the conditions were amazingly good. At the startpoint, there was even a pigeon in the gaggle!!!
With the wind, the task was flown really fast and just one point was critical. A big valley crossing to get the second turnpoint. The gaggle split in 2, one going a bit upwind and the other straight on the turnpoint. I was with the smaller group going upwind and it was not the best option, as the other got a thermal on the way and ended up at the turnpoint in a good cycle
Then it was 20km full bar in the confluence. My group spent a lot of time searching around for a good lift, and we lost about 15min. Thats the game and on such a task it was impossible to catch up, unfortunately.
Tomorrow we go up again early, but the wind is supposed to be even stronger and not in a good orientation for this site. We will see!

23 June 2017, Yael Margelisch

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Task 5

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