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Task 5 - 94km

Today we had a 94km task in rather difficult conditions, because we had a lot of cirrus clouds on the course. The first turnpoint was to the South-Est and because of the shadow caused by these clouds, I flew alone more in the south. We had head wind, it means not easy to take the turnpoint. When I got it, I could climb well and quite high. The next turnpoint was far in the West, which was much easier because of back wind. I was leading again, but after the transition, I got quite low and the other pilots could catch up. We had shadow again but not to bad, we could take the turnpoint. Now we had to go the last 10km to the End of Speed Section and as you can guess, I got it low again. I needed to thermal with Patrick to get to the goal and we arrived both together in the top 20.
Nice day for me, Tomorrow looks good again.


1 Aaron DUROGATI ITA Gin Boomerang 11
2 Tim BOLLINGER CHE Gin Boomerang 11
3 Stefan WYSS CHE Ozone Zeno
4 Adrian HACHEN CHE Gin Boomerang 11
8 Michael SIGEL CHE Gin Boomerang 11

on top of the them on the way to the first turn point<br />©MSigel
Adrian Hachen on the way to the first turn point. However, he bombed out today. <br />©MSigel
Pilots push in the shade to the last turn point<br />©MSigel
23 January 2017, Michael Sigel

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Task 5 - 94km

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