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Task 4

Today started off with rain and 100% cloud cover. However Aussie optimism ruled the day and we all went up to Mystic launch. A 51 km task comprising two separate triangles, one to the east and one to the west of Bright was set.

The conditions remained still and overcast which meant patience was paramount. It was a really tactical day, very demanding, a mix of 100% overcast followed by lovely sunshine where you could push. Before the shady sections you had to be very disciplined, slow down and take even the smallest climbs to get height. Only 19 pilots made goal today, but it was 19 more than we expected first thing this morning!

The star of the day was Andreas (Pepe) MALECKI, who from the lowest of low saves, which had us all holding our breath, came back to overfly the leaders and cross ESS first.

Top 3 overall
1st Marko Novak
2nd Paolo Veratti
3rd Josh Cohn

Top 3 women
1st Midori Nakanome
2nd Meryl Delferriere
3rd Kari Ellis

22 February 2018, Martin Scheel

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