Delta League
Acro League
Task 3

Today started off with a heavily veiled sky and hours of parawaiting.

It looked as if the task would be stopped before it had even started as the lack of lift made the milling gliders over launch a great sight for the spectators but not good enough for a 55 km task.

Fortunately, just at the right moment, the sun came out and the 120 competitors raced twice round a triangle south of Bright. Unfortunately cycles of shade put a lot of pilots on the ground.

Once again Honorin Hamard won the day. Thirty pilots made goal with a further twenty landing just short.

Top 3 places
1st Honorin Hamard
2nd = Jungman CHOI
2nd = Gareth CARTER

Top 3 women
1st Midori NAKANOME
2nd Wooyoung JANG
3rd Geonhye HYOUNG

21 February 2018, Martin Scheel

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