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Task 1 PWC Nis

Today it was not raining, so we went up on the take off for the first task. We could see that there was unfortunately quite a lot of wind, the clouds were all blown.
They set a zigzag task of 69 km. After the take off, it was not so easy to climb and once in the air we really saw that it was windy. Coming back of the start was already sketchy, going very slow, thermalling up in the shadow and finishing in the back... After that it was either take on the ridge and face the wind just at the end to get the turnpoint or getting towards the wind all the time. The second option worked well and so i caught up the group. When we turned the turnpoint, we were going at 80km/h. And then again the flat or the mountains, we took the mountains but the flat was again a bit better. Anyway, everybody bombed out at this time, landed going backwards, it was pretty strong. After 45 min on the ground, 3 pilots came over our head at cloudbase. They managed to go further than everybody else, but still no one at goal.
Well hope tomorrow there is less wind! See you

19 June 2017, Yael Margelisch

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Task 1 PWC Nis

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