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PWC Nis - Task3

Finally a racing day!
Takeoff was organised following overall ranking so Simon and Yanick had to launch on the dangerous alternative upper take off to avoid waiting line...
The task lead us at the beginning to the north, then back to Niskabangja and then zigzagging south down the valley to Lebane via four turn points.
3 or 4 pilots escape in the front followed from more gaggles. One of the best placed gaggle choose the "mountain" line (a ridge with trees) but was not reward and a lot of top pilots there landed early.
The other gaggles took the flats lines and keep go on until the last turnpoint where they fusionned.
A low save (av. 60 m ?, 40 m if we rely in the other french pilot involved) at last tunrnpoint cost me a lot of time.
Then one thermals and good line could lead all to goal.

21 June 2017, Yanick Lettry

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PWC Nis - Task3

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