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PWC Nis - Task 6

Today more NW wind forecasted, so again lower takeoff.
As the launch conditions where bad we started a "Quixada style" take off organisation with Meet Director as take off chief (he decide when to go...)
I rush myself in the first to take off early as usual before official start (and ranking queu)
This part done, the pilots meets at cloud base, drifted from the wind. Conditions were very good with nice clouds street.
The task was similar as yesterday, but with a short head wind leg (tp1). After tp1, 3 options where possible: back to takeoff, strait in the mountain down wind, left on the flats. Strait in the mountain lead to a nasty thermals and then we olmost fly strait with 80 kmh ore more. It was fast (42 kmh average speed).
As the wind was strong at landing place and someone tells level 3, but it was not really so bas...they stoped the task also if we made goal. So every became - 5 min distance ranking. It's why lot of pilote made the goal but have no time point in the ranking.

Results Open:
1.Stephane DROUIN -FRA
2.Yassen SAVOY-BGR
3.Arnaud BAUMY .-FRA

66. Yael Margerlisch
74. Yanick Lettry
76. Simon Bonfadelli

Results Women:

4. Yael Margerlsich

picture: Yael Margerlisch
picture: Yael Margerlisch
picture: Yael Margerlisch
picture: Simon Bonfadelli
picture: Simon Bonfadelli
24 June 2017, Yanick Lettry

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PWC Nis - Task 6

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