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Swiss Open Engelberg: Weather Report Tuesday

Humid air will produce Congestus in the Alps pretty soon, with spreading the clouds. The southerly airflow above 2500m will drift this spread (clouds) over to Engelberg in the early afternoon. Later we await Congestus and isolated CB.
Towards north, this development will be later.

Prediction of Congestus-free zone around Engelberg:
COSMO1 until 16h
WRF until 13h
AROME until 18h

The prognosis, where, and when the first Congestus is in our area is very difficult. I think, we can fly until 15h :-)

2200m, 2300m
My calculation is higher (2700 at 14h), but probably too optimistic because of humidity from the rain tonight.

Lite to moderate valley brises.
1500-2500m: Probably the influence of the clouds is more important as the light wind from northerly directions.

30 May 2017, Martin Scheel


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Swiss Open Engelberg: Weather Report Tuesday

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