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Task 5 cancelled because of the wind

The forecast was for weak winds and pretty good bases... It was very different in the air :
No one could climb higher than 1'800 m and the wind was about 30km/h up there, and over 40 at ground level because of a venturi effect.
At start, a group was high enough to go but most of the pilots tried to climb again. In the end, we jumped in the lee from 1'600m (the mountain is 1'500m)... So of course it was turbulent. The guys who landed back there and some still in the air called level 3 (landing backwards on small fields) ; so in the end the task was cancelled about 50 minutes after the airstart.

Some are criticizing this decision... But it seems like a sensible decision seen as it was raining level 3s.

Let's hope we have a task today, but the wind seems strong.

20 July 2012, Elie Bourdilloud

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