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Task 1 : 83 km downwind

At launch this morning, everybody was happy to see that the 83km task only had a start and a goal. The forecast was for northerly winds and blue thermals up to 1'600m.
After a good start, I pushed alone in front to find my own thermal (it was such a *ç%(*/=)%(* mess in the gaggle)... what had to happen happened : I was overtaken, and then flew as fast in the back. Ended somewhere around 60th in goal (at 12 minutes of the first).
For sure the level is higher than in Brazil !
I don't know what Joël did yet... It seems the retrieve was very long for him.

The flying is really nice here, with mostly flatlands and a few mountains ; and it seems we could have many tasks this week =)

Sorry, I don't have pictures for today (yet).

16 July 2012, Elie Bourdilloud

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