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Day 4 : No task...

We were starting to think this would be the perfect PWC, with 6 tasks in a row... well it won't happen !

On Larrouco Serra (the mountain above Montalegre), they have launches for every wind direction except north-west ; which was precisely the forecast for today.
So we had to move by bus to Chaves (about an hour's drive). It is a very small and flat launch with rocks and spiky trees under it. Needless to say you need the perfect wind to send 120 pilots in the air.

Unfortunately, at first there was no wind and then it became strong and gusty from the right side, so after opening the window, the Meet Director decided to cancel the task (seems a good and safe decision...).

Let's hope we have 3 more good tasks !

19 July 2012, Elie Bourdilloud

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